As this issue was followed it is clear media has played a significant role in not only being a vehicle in which the Kony campaign was introduced to the world but also in representing the various perspectives that have developed. It is significant that these perspectives be presented in order to contribute to the quality of national conversation. Whilst the issue has been played out it is evident there has been a clear focal shift towards the marketing aspect of the campaign considering the nature of the video in capturing world wide attention in days. Marketing expert Todd Sampson during The Project Kony 2012 episode believed:

Invisible Children used Facebook to get the world’s attention, it was a social media attack and society cannot let invisible children by hidden behind the argument

With supporting views from a co-star stating in regards to the capture of Kony:

It was an army that had no purpose, thus [Russell] had to use kids to keep up the army

 Sampson ultimately stressed the significance of social networking and the way in which it is re-defining the rules for the way we communicate by overcoming barriers of time and space. As media brought forth various perspectives and criticisms, the issue was able to be escalated to a wider audience of awareness.

Henceforth, media has played a significant role in dividing people with their viewpoints through posts, twitter and Facebook.  Thus through Sampson and his creditability, media has offered the question whether the whole campaign was largely about smart marketing tactics that benefitied off a feel good sentiment. 

 David Penberthy of the Daily Telegraph (2012) recognised the “runaway social media campaign” as a movement in seeking $30 donations from the ‘tens of millions of young affluent westerners whose imaginations have been lit up by the campaign’. In other words it was a campaign through it’s nature that allowed the young to feel like revolutionaries. 

However, the real viewpoint was not whether the story was a result of clever marketing or whether the capture of Kony was too simplistic of a call, the real exploration is that nothing like this has been done before in today’s society. That is where the structural transformation of the public sphere in light of new media is evident.

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