KONY GOES GLOBAL: Ugandan PM speaks out

Not only did media play a vital role in introducing a number of varied perspectives regarding the issue, through it’s various forms it also allowed the untold stories to be heard.

The KONY 2012 campaign is recognised on a global scale made possible by ‘global media’ where the voices of those around the globe, in response to the original 30 minute video, are able to be linked.

One of these responses was a video response by the Prime Minister of Uganda himself and was shared by social broadcasting site YouTube. Like the original Kony video, the Prime Minister was able to reach out to viewers all over the world as it was viewed and shared across the Internet community.

The Prime Minister recognised the impact of the video and the campaign but also made aware that before the video was shared, they have been doing their best to capture Joseph Kony and in doing so, the Prime Minister introduces a new angle to the story.

There has been a massive wave of interest in Uganda as a result of the KONY 2012 video.

Tens of millions have watched the video and it has been shared and discussed across the globe.

It is of particular welcome to see so many people uniting across barriers to take a stand for justice, I salute you and thank you.

We do not need a video on YouTube for us to take notice, it is a tragedy we have been dealing with for many years… our police and defence force are fully committed to the arrest and prosecution of Josph Kony.

The response from the Prime Minister is evidence that media has been a vehicle to encourage political action. As millions of viewers have become concerened about the issue, through a response from an official source like this, it is clear that media works to help society find a way through a complicated national issue like this one.

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