To top it off…

Learning the ropes of International media and communication

What can I say about International media and communication. Hmm, well the first thing that comes to mind is, “Wow, what an eye opener,” because that’s exactly what this subject was.

From day one we learnt about Globalisation, its characteristics and its implications and I am happy to say that  I can finally recite the definition and know what I’m talking about, because let’s be honest, the last time I even said the word ‘Globalisation’ was in year eight geography.

In week two, I added the word ‘cultural imperialism’ to my vocabulary and realised that perhaps we’re becoming more diverse than ever and not necessarily homogenous as many fear. I also learnt that there were five ways for Coca Cola cultural material to be move across national boundaries; through people, media, technology, capital and ideologies – writing that one down on my resume right now.

But week three was the week that was really significant as we learnt about the experience of international students and their negotiation of life and study in Australia through Australian Englishes. It completely changed my perspective towards international students in an empowering way and I am glad to say I have then gone on to attend global communication and English conversation classes at university where international students can practice their English and make friends with domestic students – and I get to taste all the national delicacies they make for me!

In week four I got some street cred as I learnt about the globalisation of hip hop and was surprised at how many American hip hop references I could make in one blog post. Oh and I developed a love for Tupac and now dream of studying his lyrics as a means of learning about the political and social environment of the US in his time.

In weeks four and five as we learnt about media capitals and transnational cinema I questioned whether Hollywood was as dominant in the industry as it was cut out to be. I mean, Hollywood’s not such a big player in the game if it keeps borrowing from everyone else? Oh and I relieved my childhood dreams of becoming a Disney star.

In week seven I got disappointed in the American remake of Kath & Kim and got the theme song of India’s version of Ugly Betty stuck in my head for a week.

Your welcome.

In week eight I learnt that thousands of children died in Africa the same day Steve jobs died and newspapers didn’t even mention it. Thank you journalistic news values for the bubble that I live in.

In week nine I learnt my dad was a climate change sceptic and blamed Al’ Gore for my crappy energy saving light bulbs – I’ve kicked one too many chairs in the dark.

And in the last couple of weeks we looked at the revitalisation of politics thanks to new media, and even though K Rudd didn’t win the election, I say ‘kudos’ to him for tapping into social media because for once in my life I was actually interested in politics. Okay, I was interested in learning more about K Rudd’s cats, but same thing.

And who would’ve thought that we as citizens of the world were so interconnected. I bet at least one of you reading this is not even from Australia, am I right?


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