Convergent is the New Divergent

Arriving late to your first lecture of the year usually leaves you doing two things. You could slyly slip into the front row seat nearest to the door hoping you didn’t turn a head, or you could stomp your way up the steps of the aisle, uncomfortably squeeze past the knees and laptops of the back row and plum your unorganised self in the seat only known as back and centre. I am not the sly type.

As I awkwardly pulled out my pen and paper, I clearly wasn’t paying attention to my lecturer talk about the dynamic processes of media and technology. Rather, I was more excited about the upcoming release of the movie adaption to Veronica Roth’s Divergentand insisted on looking up anything I could get on it ASAP.

Browsing the web, I searched anywhere I could. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google images… just the usual. Now I don’t know if it was my lecturer going on about social media and technology creating platforms that have very much changed our culture, or the realisation of how many apps I used in the space of five minutes, but I did realise something. I realised there was something much more to be excited about than the movie release of New York Time’s No.1 selling book, and that was convergence.

So let’s get excited about convergence peeps, because there’s a lot to be excited about. It’s a technological and cultural process that’s shifting our lives into a participatory culture. It’s everywhere and in our lives more than you realise (and hopefully you will come to realise over the next few blog posts).

So here’s to convergence. Get amongst it, because if Betty White has and you haven’t, then that’s saying something.

I am also on the Twitter too. Tweet me.


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