Media Space. You’re Doing it Wrong.

As a third year communications and journalism student, the ideas surrounding the changing use of media technology and its audiences were not so new to me. But as the lecturer opened my mind with ideas of media space and our very own spatial existence in relation to media technologies, I was begging to hear to more.

I was told to upload a photo relating to media space, and I thought, why not upload a photo of my media space. So there and then I took a photo of my desk in it’s natural glory.


My laptop was used to view the lecture online, my convertible tablet was used to type out lecture notes, and my iPhone was used to check Snapchat and Facebook messages on the go.

Not to mention, there was an iPad sitting on my bed with an intense game of Candy Crush waiting to be finished as soon as the lecture was over. I only had five moves left and therefore could not be sidetracked.

But are we sidetracked? Or are we merely more efficient at multitasking? (I’d like to think the latter). Think about all the times you’ve watched TV while scrolling through the news-feed of your smartphone – I know I’m guilty. The lecturer referred to this habit as ‘second screening’ –  more like ‘fourth screening’ with the amount of technology I use!

Well it is a bad thing, Cher. It makes me question the last time I put down my phone and actually looked out the train window, or talked to the person next to me (which nowadays seems weird and unnatural… “Like seriously, why all the small talk? Just let me stare at my smartphone/tablet/laptop/futuristic-Japanese-gadget-that’s-not-sold-here-yet in peace).”

The guy in this video knows what I’m talking about.

When did we rely so much on technology to stay connected, that we’re willing to line up for 15 minutes and pay $10 for our phone to be half charged, at the most, in the middle of a music festival? #truestory #firstworldproblems

We have become so dependent on viewing the the world through our phones, that the dynamics of interaction have dramatically changed. Yes, we have become more public online, but we have also become more private in public.

Is this not how it’s supposed to be? I’m hoping the following weeks of this course will help me answer that. But for now, put down the phone guys and reconnect with the world around you.



Turk, G 2014, Look Up, online video, 25 April, YouTube, viewed August 1, 2014. 


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