3D viewing, is it just for the Cinema?

The Success of 3D Viewing Based On Audience and Spatial Considerations

Audience and spatial relationships are a significant factor in regards to the success (or lack of) in various entertainment media, particularly 3D entertainment.

This research project thus aims to explore the success of 3D viewing through spatial differences, that is, the difference between the home and cinema space.

So what do we already know? Current research points to the ergonomic side of things (such as the adverse effects of headaches and eyestrain) and looks to the costs behind the technology.

What are we overlooking? The real reasons for use and disuse, factors such as technology literacy, access to content – issues that go beyond what’s obvious.

This project thus attempts to provide further insight into the relatively slow uptake of 3D TVs, and complement current research in the field – useful to industry practitioners, marketers, and consumers alike.

The results I got were not what I expected,

Have a view and let me know what you think.


Additional Resources

Sir David Attenborough: Why 3D TV won’t quite take off. Sir David talks about the isolating nature of 3D viewing and suggests the technology should be restricted to “one off spectaculars and major sporting events.”

Your ability to focus: Why 3D television can’t take off. Caleb Garling from The Technology Chronicles talks about the ‘egg and the chicken problem’.

So You Bought a 3D TV… Now What? What was once a premium option is becoming the norm. Glenn Derene talks 3D TV without paying a fortune.

A Dozen Reasons Why 3D TV Will Not Take Off As Planned. Tal Givoly talks multitasking in the home, and the technology adaptation cycle.






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